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In my opinion, the way in which coaches learn sales is antiquated and disconnected from coaching. I’ve put together a document explaining how I engage with prospects on high converting sales calls.

This document is all about coaching beyond Yes, No, and Maybe.


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I hear things like this every so often that the coaching industry is increasingly becoming more saturated and competitive. As a multiple six figure coach, I’m taking the time to address these concerns and tell you what you should focus on instead.

One of the people in my mastermind shared this quote:

“The massive influx of coaches since Covid started has completely changed the rules of the game. Literally, tens of thousands of people are now calling themselves a coach who weren’t a couple of years ago.

And that figure is…

I felt hopeless, life felt meaningless, and I wasn’t sure why I wanted to keep going.

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I remember at one point last year in the isolation of the pandemic where the grief of my failed relationship and the acute sense of isolation felt unbearable.

There was one night where I rubbed my eyes and stared at this horrible racing game I had been playing for hours…

At some point coaches realize that certain people are more fun to work with. This begins the search for more of these people. However, in this search they neglect to honor what coaching is all about: being in possibility.

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Even though almost all coaches start out coaching whoever they can, eventually coaches start to realize that certain kinds of people are more fun to work with. They are motivated, working on interesting projects, and inspiring to be around. …

The quickest way to eliminate suffering and enjoy life more.

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If the world were full of angels, or robots, or digital avatars things would have the possibility to be perfect. But the world for good or for ill (and often both) are filled with humans. Humans have the potential for other worldly creativity, love, passion, dedication, sacrifice, and possibility. …

At some point, every coach has had the thought of having a dream client. That dream client might be a celebrity or a top mind in the industry.

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At some point every coach has had the thought, wouldn’t it be great if I could get Mr. x as my client. Who Ms. X is, is different for each person. For some people it’s a celebrity, for others it’s a top mind in their industry.

What’s behind it:

The impetus behind this…

Overpriced Hotels and Restaurants

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I love staying at nice hotels, but often they feel like a ripoff.

While the La Quinta Inn in Walla Walla Washington offers free wifi, the Grand Hyatt in Los Angeles charges $5 a day.

While In and Out offers free refills on sodas, some five star restaurants charge you…

Toku McCree

Executive coach and writer. I’ve toured with rock bands, trained as a zen monk, and taught preschool. My hope is that my writing makes you think.

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