I Don’t Care About The Numbers

Toku McCree
4 min readSep 18, 2020

4 simple truths about being a coach

You didn’t get into coaching because of the numbers. I mean maybe you wanted to make money at it, you wanted to take that instagram picture from your little casita in tulum and talk about how #blessed you were, but you didn’t really care about the numbers.

You didn’t care about getting rich, you said. You didn’t need to be wealthy, you said. But you did want to pay your rent and do meaningful work.

So you became a coach. They promised it would be easy. They told you to focus on serving, to let go of the outcome, to follow their step by step system. But it didn’t work. The numbers didn’t add up, and instead of questioning all of this common wisdom you ended up questioning yourself.

So here’s the hard but simple truth about being a coach -

#1 Shortcuts are easy to sell but hard to execute on -

If it’s simple and easy, everyone would be doing it. So the fact that everyone isn’t doing it means it’s not simple and easy.

Building a business and being a great coach takes work, dedication, time, and effort. You can skip a few steps if you’ve got a bunch of money and spend it well or have a natural network of incredible people, but most of this stuff isn’t shortcuttable. It’s better if you do the work.

Doing the work means talking to people, connecting with them, figuring out what makes them tick, learning to sell to them, and dedicating yourself to improving as a coach.

You want a shortcut, so the world of coaching obliges, but a shortcut rarely works.

Photo by Marvin Meyer on Unsplash

#2 You have to learn to sell -

This is perhaps the hardest thing for most coaches to grasp. You have to learn to sell, to convince people to give you their money, and then to stand by your work no matter what results you get.

Selling is hard for most people. It’s scary, it’s challenging, and it means overcoming a bunch of internal resistance, but despite what people tell you about being successful without selling, no coach I know that makes good money does it without selling. Some of them love selling and in truth you’d love to be sold by them.



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