My Cheat Sheet to Customer Service

It’s simpler than you think!

Mostly we look at customer service like we look at cleaning out our garage; it’s something we have to do. The mess piles up. People complain. We want our customers to be happy and yet we find them impossible to please and incredibly annoying at times.

All of this happens because of the way complaints or upsets occur to us. Mostly complaints and upsets occur as something that is being done to us or happening to us.

We hear the feedback and before we know it, we’re assessing if we agree or disagree with it. We’re looking to see if this is our fault or not.

If it is our fault, we feel bad but it may not stop us from getting defensive.
If it isn’t our fault then we either get really defensive because MAN is this not on us OR we put on an act for our customers.

We pretend they’re being reasonable, we act as if this is our fault (even though it’s definitely not).
But whether or not it’s our ‘fault’ there’s a better way to relate to customer service.

Customer service is about being with our customers.
Whether they’re being reasonable or not. Whether they are right or not.

If you choose to have customers, you take the risk of dealing with unreasonable people.

Executive coach and writer. I’ve toured with rock bands, trained as a zen monk, and taught preschool. My hope is that my writing makes you think.