The Illusory Safety Of Preparation

Dear Coaches, you are living in a magical land of lies.

Toku McCree


Photo by Jeff Finley on Unsplash

There is a magical land I see many coaches living in, called the land of preparation.

In this land your dreams are safe, your risk of real, rejection is minimized, and the hope of one day being a great coach is ever present. It is so lovely in this land because it feels so real and so justifiable. There are so many programs you can buy here, guru’s you can listen to, so many books you can read, and so much you can do.

The gentle lie of this land is that if you spend enough time in it you will someday be ready to leave and that when you do, the world you encounter will be one of success and accolades.

The gentle lie of this land is that you are gaining something by being here. The promise of confidence, competence, a winning formula, a secret method, and a savior are ever present and yet ever out of reach.

Because each time you go to the door-of-starting and open it to look out, all you see are dark woods, familiar monsters, and the same doubts and fears that have kept you trapped here for years maybe even decades. This place is a false paradise. It is a prison made to look like a school, a community, and a facebook group that encourages you at every turn.

There is no amount of preparation that will get you ready for really being an incredible coach. The journey to mastery is one that will have you standing naked before the universe.
It’s one that will have you doing battle with the shadows of humanity in yourself and in your clients.
It’s one that will have you question everything you thought you knew about how life worked and who you are.
The lie, the people, programs, and companies who live in the magical tell you is that you’re not ready to face it.


You are not some delicate little lily of the field. Your ancestors fought wild animals. Traveled across oceans. Dug in hard earth with their bare hands to plant seeds they didn’t know would grow.

They nearly starved to death and were killed countless times.
They were f*cking bad asses and so are you.



Toku McCree

Executive coach and writer. I’ve toured with rock bands, trained as a zen monk, and taught preschool. My hope is that my writing makes you think.